ISO 9001:2015

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Leading Provider

of Pool Heating Solutions


ISO 9001:2015

Quality Tested


Leading Provider

of Pool Heating Solutions


Australian Energy Systems

Australian Energy Systems have been heating pools around Australia for over 21 years. Our specialty for heating pools of all shapes and sizes began at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast in 1998.  After a few years, we moved our office to Slacks Creek in Brisbane to better support more pool owners and pool builders throughout southeast Queensland. 

With the move helping to expand our business, our reputation also expanded becoming a distributor for Rheem Pool Heaters and Daisy Pool Covers. Since then, we have also collected distributorships for inverter heat pumps, solar pool heating systems and many other products related to pool heating including Boss Solar. 

We been involved in commercial pool heating projects for various State and Local Govenments and consulted on projects  in New Zealand, Fiji and other regions around the globe.  Now in 2020 we offer pool heating products Australia wide and internationally.   

Product Innovation

In 2013 we were the first company in Australia to embrace the Boss Solar Nanotek Solar Pool Heating range of productsWe assisted with the R & D of the Nanotek Solar project along with testing the Nanotek 10 tube solar at our facility at Slacks Creek.    

The result of the R&D testing inspired our unique Nanotek 14 Tube solar pool heating system.   Nanotek 14 Tube solar has since been installed on several thousand residential and commercial pools throughout Australia.  

In 2015 we accepted a distributorship for Full Inverter Heat Pumps.   We felt the cost to heat a swimming pool was continuing to rise with traditional on/off single speed heat pumps.   We continued to search for a better solution and were one of the first companies in Australia to adopt the Full Inverter technology for pool heating.  With great success and positive results, we have since gone from strength to strength with our inverter heat pumps and now also stock inverter heat pumps for commercial pools as well.  

In recent years we have been involved in the design of specialty pool covers for drought reduction for farmers. 

In 2019 we released another new product, our Liquid Pool Cover called Heat Loc.  Heat Loc is an invisible, harmless barrier on the pool water surface that helps to lower the running costs of pool heating and reduces water loss.  Heat Loc is first in a series of new products for us that will roll out over the next 5 years.    
Stay tuned for more new pool heating products in 2020! 

Our Team – The Pool Heating Consultants

Our team are generally employed from within the pool industry and then trained in pool heating technologies.  So when you make an enquiry with us, we know the pool products you have already and we can help you make great decisions straight away.
We aim to help you choose the right products for your pool via our experience and we take a consultative approach with all our solutions.
When you need technical information, practical advice and problem solving with your pool heating, our team is here to help. 

We offer both onsite and online support for our products. 

Contact us anytime on 1800243887 or email us. 

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“Our goal to continue to innovate within the pool industry and pool heating segment as we work our way towards our 25th year anniversary in 2023.   

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