At Australian Energy Systems we have been heating pools with solar pool heating around Australia since 1998.  Infact, we have installed over 10,000 solar pool heating systems. 

Our aim is to deliver resort level pool temperature for your pool.  

 Environmentally Friendly 

Solar pool heating systems absorb & collect the sun’s rays to heat your pool water.  The system will work through autumnspring & summer sunny days and even on a cloudy day.  Relying on the sun to provide heat to your swimming pool is the greenest and most cost-effective way to heat a swimming pool. 

Temperature Expectations 

The temperature that a solar pool heating system can deliver is based on the ambient weather and the amount of collector you put on the roof.  At Australian Energy Systems, we always recommend using a minimum of 80% coverage of your pool’s surface area.  This means, if your pool was 8m x 4m you should put at least 25.6 square meters of collector on the roof. 

28 Degree’s is a very comfortable pool temp, we find most people are very happy with 28c for their pool.  You can aim for a hotter pool; this will vary depending on your geographical location & the amount of solar collector you put on your roof.  For high temp pools, a pool cover is also recommended. 

Automated Solar Pool Heating 

Our solar pool heating systems are generally automated, so your pool is always ready to swim.  Whether you buy a fully installed system or a DIY kit, we will recommend using a solar controller or pool automation system to help manage heat up times & pump operation. 

 Solar Pool Heating Collector 

Solar pool heating generally comes in two types which is Flexible Strip like 10 Ultra Solar (Link to 10 Ultra Tab info futher down page)  or a hard poly panel like Rhino Solar (Link to Rhino Info)    

Even if you have Solar Power  on your roof, we can still usually install solar pool heating on your home as well.  Unlike solar power, solar pool heating is not as “light critical” as the system is absorbing ambient heat from the roof as well as collecting the UV rays.      

Pool Heating Installation 

Typically, a solar pool heating system can be installed in a single day.  Systems can be installed on tin or tile roofs.  Flexible strip like 14 Ultra can be customized on install to any shape roof.  Panel systems generally require a rectangular roof area to work with, talk with us about your location and we can create a suitable system to match your roof. 

Solar Pool Heating Maintenance 

Solar pool heating is mostly maintenance free.  An annual inspection of the system should be undertaken to inspect the collector, check water flows and ensure that the pool heating is operating in the correct fashion.  Given that your system is on a roof, it is recommended that a trained professional with roofing experience inspect and maintain the system.   


Obtain a Quote for Solar Pool Heating 

Getting a quotation for solar pool heating is easy.  A lot of the time we can use a mapping service like Near Map or Google maps to review your pool and roof.   

This means we can provide a contactless site visit for you & faster quotation time as well. 

Get in touch today or chat with our live support now.    




The Most High Tech, Top of the Range Solar Collector
Patented Nano-Graphitic Technology

Using cutting edge patented Co-Extrusion techniques in conjunction with the superior combination of Nano Graphitic material and PVC Nitrile we now have the latest in solar pool heating technology. The Nano Graphitic material allows the suns rays to transfer through the PVC Nitrile faster making the solar up to 40% more efficient than the other solar heating offerings, which means you get to swim in your pool longer at a temperature everyone can enjoy.

Maximum Efficiency

You Get More Heating, with Significantly Less Roof Coverage.

The special Matt Black outer surface absorbs 20%* incident solar radiation than standard solar collector. The Nano-Graphitic inner tubes then transfer the Sun’s Energy 30%* quicker into 18%* more water flowing through the larger 8mm diameter tubes than other offerings.


Can be installed on Tin or Tile roofs the Nanotek Extreme product solution is a flexible system that can be installed around skylights, whirlybirds and other roof top obstacles.

Ultimate Solar Blue uses state-of-the-art co-extrusion technology to offer the finest performance and warranty in the industry.

The MaxBlack outer layer and web material has the best UV Weathering Resistance package available. It utilizes a high matting agent to maximise Solar Absorption and has increased Toughness in order to Resist Mechanical Damage and Puncturing. The Ultimate Blue inner layer has the best chemical, flex fatigue and barb sealing properties available, in addition to Enhanced Heat Conductivity.


The Amazing Benefits of Ultimate Solar Blue Pool Heating includes:

  • Industry-leading warranty
  • Available in 10, 12 or 14 tube configurations
  • UV protection and weather resistance
  • Simple maintenance
  • Resistant against mechanical damage and puncturing
  • Chemical resistance, flex fatigue, and barb-sealing properties
  • Enhanced heat conductivity
  • Co-extruded technology for performance and longevity
  • Punched profiles are harder for strong winds to displace
  • Visually pleasing, neat collector webbing

Co-Extruded Technology

Compared to earlier solar pool heating mono-polymer collectors that compromise on performance and longevity, only Co-Extruded profiles used within Ultimate Blue and NanoTek Extreme can offer you the Latest and Best in Solar Pool Heating Efficiency.

Installation (Single Day Installation)

Ultimate Blue 10 Tube Solar Collector is available in non-punched or punched profiles. The main advantage of punching a hole in the web of the collector is to provide excellent adhesive qualities. As the silicone pops out of the punched web holes in a mushroom shape, it creates a mechanical lock between the roof and the collector, making it virtually impossible to be displaced by strong winds.

Punching the web of the profile, also allows the Pool Professional to quickly, easily, and neatly strip the collector webbing, providing a more visually pleasing result.

Punched Collectors also provide improved external drainage capabilities during rain. The holes in the webbing of the collector mean that during rainy days, external water can easily drain through the holes and enable the roof to breathe.


Ultimate Blue comes with a 15 year warranty and as they are formulated to withstand harsh Australian conditions your pool will always be the perfect temperature. (Warranty conditions apply).

Rhino Black is produced by Boss Solar, Australia’s largest solar pool heating manufacturer. Rhino Black has been specifically designed to withstand the harshest Australian climates, providing efficiency and cost effectiveness in difficult applications


  • Australian Made – Support Australian products by purchasing a Rhino Black system, the only rigid panel to be manufactured in Australia
  • Ability to Utilise Any Roof Space – With over 15 panel size combinations, Rhino Solar gives you the flexibility to utilise any roof space.
  • Widest Range of Panels – With over 15 different panel size combinations, Rhino Solar can be easily customised to suit almost any roof.
  • Top Quality Components – Each component within the Rhino Black system has been individually engineered for performance and longevity.
  • Manufactured using UV Stabilised Polypropylene – Selected for its excellent heat transfer properties and toughness, UV stabilised polypropylene is ideally suited for resisting direct sun exposure and pool chemicals

Built for Australia’s Climate

Tough and Durable Design Makes Rhino Black resistant to:

  • Cockatoo and Vermin Attack
  • Hail Damage
  • Wind and Weather displacement
  • UV Exposure
  • Pool Chemicals


Simple to Install and Service –

Rhino Black is simple to install and service as its components can be fixed or replaced quickly and easily. To find out how you can have a perfectly heated pool in minimal time, get in touch.